Photo Gallery: Greg Edd’s GATEWAY SIGN Inspiration and Salisbury’s Elite Summer Playground: SOUTH OF THE BORDER, S.C.

Posted on August 9, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Where did Chairman Greg Edds, insurance pro and Bob Jones University’s most famous graduate, get the inspiration for his monumental $650,000 Rowan County Gateway signs to be constructed at the North and South I-85 entrances of Rowan County?  If you guessed Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Heritage U.S.A. you guessed wrongo!  Insider State Farm agents and Edds’s pals on Salisbury’s City Council (they trust him) let the chihuahua out of the bag on Monday.  The inspiration for Edd’s fabulous gateway signs was none other than Salisbury’s elite summer playground: “South of the Border”, South Carolina.

Let’s take a photographic tour of the fireworks capital of the South, a town promoting the worst ethnic stereotypes imaginable and defying any sense of political correctness: SOUTH OF THE BORDER, S.C.:

Hola Americanos!

Pedro Survey’s His Domain:

South of the Border in Neon:

South of the Border’s Gorilla:

Fort Pedro’s Rocket and Fireworks:

Fort Pedro, South of the Border Dillon

South of the Border Motel:

South of the Border Motel

South of the Border’s Honey Moon Suite:

Pedro’s Diner:

Pedro's Diner

South of the Border’s Fireworks:

South of the Border’s Foot Long Hotdogs:

Pedro Watches the Road:

South of the Border from the Air:

Gateway to Salisbury:

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