Letter-to-the-Editor: Salisbury’s New Central Park–Needle Park II or Wilding Green?

Posted on August 2, 2016

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove

♦ Sometimes I’ve got to wonder about the City of Salisbury and its ability to pay attention to current reality. The other day I heard about the Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation buying a large city block in the Bury with visions of transforming it into a Central Park in an area bounded by West Innes Street, South Church Street, West Fisher Street, and South Jackson Street. The Robertson Foundation is set to purchase this turf and its structures (The Bell Tower, the Session House, the Gazebo Park, the Session House, and the Wrenn House) from the Maxwell Chambers Trust for $1.75 million dollars. Close by are the Rowan Public Library, First Methodist Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, and First Presbyterian Church.

Seriously I hate raining on anyone’s parade, but simple observation of the foot traffic through that area, the muggings and stick-ups that happen on West Fisher, South Jackson and on the that block itself ought wake people up about the safety in a future Central Park. Many homeless people and drifters hang out on the 2nd floor of the library. It’s real that old syringes get flipped into restroom trashcans or get left in the toilet stalls. People “nod out” in the restrooms and in library chairs. As long as they don’t hassle anyone they are mostly left alone.

Picture the attraction of park benches and shrubbery in the new Central Park. Just sayin’. Before long the needle crowd, panhandlers, and the more aggressive types passing through the area looking to mug someone for some dope money or scoring a purse will show up. It’s a given.

Miscellaneous body found in park:

What I’m saying is that the new Central Park will turn ot just like the Gateway Park between East Innes Street and the Depot. What the locals call Needle Park because of all the dirty syringes laying around the fountain and by the benches. You walk through there and you’ll get panhandled. No young couples go strolling through there unless they don’t know better and they won’t be going to Central Park either once the needle crowd, panhandlers, and bad “intentioned” make it their daylight digs.

I have no doubt when the opportunity presents itself that the muggers, purse snatchers, or worse–some bad hombres drag a female into the shrubby and have their way with her. Let’s not fool ourselves–this Salisbury.

Think things through before you put up benches and plant shrubbery in Needle Park II. The Police can’t be everywhere.

I caution everyone to get a concealed carry permit and take classes in concealed carry. If you live in the Bury it’s a must. Stay safe my friends.


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