Christopher Earnhardt Arrested Sunday Morning in Richfield for Alleged Strong Arm Robbery and Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Posted on July 25, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Christopher James Earnhardt, 29, of 368 Dry Creek Trail in Richfield was arrested Sunday Rowan County Sheriff’s Office at 10:56 a.m. for an alleged strong arm robbery, alleged assault with a deadly weapon (his car) when he dragged his mother-in-law down the driveway at her home, and assault on a female. The incidents occurred on Saturday at a home on 1040Wyatt Grove Church Road in God Hill.

Ernhardt was charged with common law robbery (felony), assault with a deadly weapon (misdemeanor) larceny (misdemeanor), and assault on a female (misdemeanor). Under a secured $3,000 bond, Earnhardt is being held in the Rowan County Detention Center.

Earnhardt was alleged to have driven to the house where his mother-in-law Carolyn Goodman lived and where Earnhardt’s estranged wife and his children were staying. Earnhardt planned to take his children and wife fishing. Those plans changed when his wife did not want to go fishing. An argument ensued.

The mother-in-law Carolyn Goodman came out of the home to speak to her grandchildren. Earnhardt alleges that Goodman attempted to assault him.

According to law enforcement sources witnesses at the scene claim that Earnhardt attempted to back his car down the driveway when Goodman’s arm brace got caught in Earnhardt’s side rearview mirror and she was allegedly dragged several yards down the driveway. The car ran over the woman’s right leg and hip.

Witnesses also allege Earnhardt assaulted his wife Sherri Earnhardt by shoving her to the ground and punching her several times. She reported sustained internal injuries.

Both Sherri Earnhardt and her mother drove to the hospital for treatment.

Christopher Earnhardt allegedly took a cellphone from his estranged wife wife.

1070 Wyatt Grove Road in Gold Hill:

Christopher James Earnhardt:

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