What’s Become of Salisbury’s Ex-Police Chief and Housing Authority Security Guard Rory Collins?

Posted on July 17, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ One of the Earth’s grandest mysteries is what’s become of Salisbury’s Ex-Police Chief and Housing Authority security guard Rory Collins?  Is he running the streets of Salisbury with his half-brother and King of the Salisbury panhandlers Tony Rippey?  No sign of that yet.

The RFP poked around and got some answers from sources in the Salisbury Police Department and our friends in city hall.  They told us Rory went on the internet to sell junk from his mobile home.  He applied for a number jobs in law enforcement, but so far struck out.  Using his wits, he has embarked on two new careers: dispensing legal advice and putting himself forward as a private investigator.  We hope Rory doesn’t run afoul of the either the state bar association or the officials who oversee P.I. licenses.

Screen shots of Rory’s latest career paths:

Listing for licensed private investigators:


Deposition of Ex-Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins (complete PDF.):


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