Salisbury City Hall Confirms Downtown Police Presence for “Black Lives Matter” Demonstration that Never Materialized

Posted on July 12, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Today we witnessed another overreactive statement from the Salisbury’s City Hall attempting to minimize investigatory work done by staff at the Rowan Free Press. In the statement, the City of Salisbury disclosed that there was in fact a “staff member” on the roof of a downtown building Saturday due to the city’s concern about a planned “Black Lives Matter” protest.

We often wonder who chooses the city’s vague words and why the local media never calls the city out on them or seeks clarification for their readers.

Rowan Free Press sources told us that the person on the roof of the downtown business was an armed Salisbury Police Special Response Team Member, but apparently the city must believe being transparent and disclosing facts would upset people. So they used the vague term “staff member.” Local media did not seek to clarify what “staff member” was in fact on the roof, for how long, and what they were doing up there. These are basic questions we would expect any journalist to ask.

Of course, this not the first time the city’s use of vague words have caused many to roll their eyes. Several months ago Rowan Free Press broke the story that former Police Chief Rory Collins used opiates on a regular basis while on the job. This was clearly disclosed in a deposition. When we broke this embarrassing story the city responded by trying to seal Rory Collins’ deposition in a court proceeding. When media outlets jumped on our story and asked Salisbury Spokeswoman Linda McElroy who at the city made the decision to attempt to seal the deposition, her response was: “no one person or specific entity asked for the deposition to be sealed.” A real gem of transparency. When it comes to city cover-ups no one person or group is involved! The RFP will continue to break stories and reveal the city government’s many “secrets” and byzantine inner workings  for the benefit of our readers.

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