Practical Anti-Crime Survival Manuals for Retail, Bar, and Restaurant Owners in Salisbury, N.C.

Posted on July 10, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Whether you are attempting to keep your losses down in Downtown Salisbury or on Jake Alexander Blvd, East Innes Street, West Innes Street, Wallace Commons, the Shoppes at the Summit, or heaven forbid the South Main Badlands, here is a selection of practical anti-crime survival manuals:

Preventing Panhandling–Panhandlers around your business or even inside drive off customers:

Preventing Retail Burglary–One burglary can put your business behind the eight ball. Not only in lost money and valuables, but it replacing windows and doors:

Preventing Shoplifting–Pilferage is a killer. Money goes flying out the door and puts your employees at risk. A chronic challenge in hard pressed Downtown Salisbury:

Preventing Car Crimes–Your car or your customer’s cars are open season in Salisbury. Car B&E artists, car jackers, and car thieves swarm the Bury looking for fresh meat:

Preventing Vandalism–Salisbury is awash in vandalism. Windows get rocked, buildings get splashed with paint, gang tags and graffiti abound, and properties get torched for kicks:

Preventing Public Disorder–Mobs suddenly materialize to smash windows and start looting. In minutes stores are pillaged and “Christmas in July” spreads down the street:

Salisbury Police Special Response Team member on the roof of Pottery 101 on the morning of July 9th as a precaution if demonstrators without a permits caused “trouble”. The demonstration was called off:

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