Letter-to-the-Editor: Big Trouble in Little Salisbury

Posted on July 7, 2016

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C.

♦ Let it be known I am not Salisbury hater.  The excuse for a city government there (I am not including Mr. Hardin who truly represents the people) is what is ticking me off and a lot of persons.  I still have to travel down there for business.  Its a very dangerous place.  Most everybody knows the police still underreport crime and they are way understaffed and underpaid.  Now they forced into trying to talk people out of filing police reports.  If your vehicle gets broken into, make sure the police file a report.  Many people can’t get insurance coverage for a busted car window because they can’t get a police report from Salisbury Police.

Worse still is the new breed “Occupy Shotzbury”.  Gang members invade an elderly person’s home and party there for a weekend.  They threaten the old people not to tell the police.  You can imagine living under those conditions.  The is not a scene from “Escape from New Jack City”.

Like I said before.  If you  to travel into Salisbury, pack heat.  Better still get a concealed carry permit and get training in firearms.

There’s only one real gun store left in Salisbury: “Pistol Pop’s Firearms & 22 Ammo” on 3018 S. Main.  Plenty of good deals and selection.  “Lead Chunkers Sporting Goods” on Main Street in Rockwell is another super gun store.  Check them out. Their staffs are excellent and can answer your questions.




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