Why is the Board of Education Moving Forward with the Architectural Firm SfL+A?

Posted on July 3, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ The RSS Board of Education is continuing to move forward with the Architectural Firm SfL+A to create a new conjoined West Consolidated Elementary School, at a different location after Rowan Rural Save Our Schools (RRSOS) exposed the dangers of the present site next to the natural gas fired power plant that blew up a several months back. Hired by the Board of Education, the Architectural Firm SfL+A helped the Board of Education come up with a “nightmare scenario” to close rural elementary schools and bus children into Salisbury to raise school grades, it begs the question: Why do you hire a firm that makes money off of building schools to decide if you need new ones while you are already over capacity. (Empty seats)

Robeson County has a similar nightmare scenario unfolding with sFl+a with a deal so bad that NC’s State Treasurer Janet Cowell sounded the alarm on the ill-conceived idea of a lease purchase school agreement for another poor county that needs no schools and is overcapacity. (Empty seats)

http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=15267 (Senate Bill 554, to authorize the massive lease-purchase proposal, was sent to committee and did not pass in this legislative session, due in large part to State Treasurer Janet Cowell sounding the alarm.)

Our editor and consumerist says that when you see a poor city or county spending money it does not have, on facilities it does not need, you best follow the money. More troublesome is the question of “strange bedfellows” involved. For your edification, we linked to these stories:

http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=15236 (Metcon Construction would build Robeson County schools designed by sfL+A and leased to Robeson County)

http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=15238 (Convicted felon drug kingpin Maynor is a VP at Metcon Construction)

If SfL+A is willing to deal with a company in Robeson County with a convicted drug kingpin among their leadership, to convince Robeson County commissioners to allow the assumption of untenable debt to their own county’s taxpayers, then what sleazy entities might SfL+A hone in on, to get a similar deal in Rowan County to close 10 elementary schools and then build 6 newer ones, perhaps already Fibrant-equipped? Reckon a more discreet ‘alphabet soup’ variety of developers would step forward in our county, corporate members hidden from public view, but dividends broadly spread among a dozen or so influential persons?

I remain convinced that the abandoned “nightmare scenario” is merely on hold until after the election. I note however, that the political futures of those who would vote for county-wide redistricting would, should be ended. Suggestions are that persons fighting this scenario consider voting for Michael Julian, Andrew Poston and a new Salisbury representative for Board of Education.

Michael Julian:

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