Photo Gallery: CENTRAL PRISON in Raleigh. Death Row–Famous Inmates–the Death Chamber–The Electric Chair–It’s All Here

Posted on July 3, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ The state maximum security prison in Raleigh CENTRAL PRISON has become the final repository for young men who haven’t given much thought about their future and have demonstrated little empathy for fellow human beings.  Killers, robbers, serial killers, the white cannibal Pazuzu Algarad who killed himself during his brief incarceration, rapists, and other bad hombres find an extremely unstimulating lifestyle–sometimes for the remainder of their lives in cages at Central Prison.  Many, starting off as gang members, entered this maximum security after shooting someone over “respect”.   Salisbury and Rowan County pipe-lined more than a few young men to Big House and likely more are on their way.

Central Prison, operated by the N.C. Department of Prisons, resides West of Downtown Raleigh.  Sitting on 29 acres, the prison is easily recognizable by its “concertino razor wire” across the tops of its fences, it’s observation towers, and armed guards at its gates.  Central Prison was completed back in 1884. The origin buildings were torn down and replaced.  A three story prison industries building houses a state license plate fabrication shop and a print shop.  The Big House has an acute infirmary/hospital holding up to 86 patients.  Two mental health wings contains 144 single bed rooms.  Salisbury’s Tutterow Murderers, Pazuzu Algarad (the white cannibal and serial killer who stalked the streets of Salisbury), Velma Barfield (who poisoned 6 men and was executed in Central Prison), Otto Wood (“The Robin Hood of the Piedmont” who was gunned down on the Streets of Salisbury by Salisbury’s Chief of Police in 1930), and Henry Lewis Wallace (confessed Charlotte serial killer).   To learn more about Central Prison’s history read the article below from the NorthCarolinaHistory.Org’s encyclopedia.

A Postcard of the Original Central Prison built in 1884 in Raleigh:

From the NorthCarolinaHistory.Org “Central Prison in Raleigh, N.C.:

The Central Prison Photo Gallery:

Death Row Central Prison:

Central Prison’s Early Electric Chair Where Killers Grotesquely Strained Against their Leather Straps and their Heads Smoked:

Cell on Death Row:

White Cannibal and Self-Professed Satanist Pazuzu Algarad Ended His Own Life in the Mental Health Unit at Central Prison:

Gov. Scott Visits Central Prison’s Inmates in the early 70’s:

A Modern Execution Chamber for Lethal Injection at Central Prison:

Central Prison Escapee Otto Wood “The Robin Hood of the Piedmont” Shot Down in Downtown Salisbury by the Salisbury Chief Of Police in 1930:

Central Prison Mental Health Unit:

Central Prison Mental Health Unit

Central Prison Infirmary:

Central Prison Infirmary

Death Row Inmate at Central Prison:

Death Row Inmate Taking a Walk:

Lining Up for Cell Inspection at Central Prison in the 60’s:

License Plate Manufacture at Central Prison in the 50’s:

Central Prison at Nightfall:

Central Prison Raleigh at Night

Central Prison Tower and Concertina Wire:

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