Photo Gallery: Todd Paris Finds Cover Behind Salisbury’s Annual Sculpture Show

Posted on July 1, 2016

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ We were heartened to learn that Mayor Karen Alexander’s recent taxpayer-paid junket to the Indianapolis “U.S. Conference of Mayors” paid off with a “special award” for Salisbury’s annual sculpture show spreading leased concrete and metallic art throughout Salisbury.  A slim ray of light in Salisbury’s bullet weary darkness.  Perhaps our RFP’s readers recall a photo of Mayor Alexander’s madcap whirl on a merry-go-round taken at the Mayor’s Conference?  The photographic artistry can be viewed below:

Lest it be said that we at RFP are not cultured and can not appreciate modern art, there are some practical and solid advantages to having these sculptures sprinkled around town. Especially in the light of our understaffed and grossly underpaid Salisbury Police Department lacks enough officers to provide protection or ticket our city back to solvency. We have a $10,000 a day Fibrant habit that must be sated. Our concrete and steel art may save lives for the duration of the sculpture show. I have volunteered to demonstrate the ample cover provided.

In a unrelated matter, and as a public service, your author – downtown dweller, dog-walker and NRA certified pistol instructor, will now instruct you in the difference in “concealment” and “cover.” “Concealment” is any object you might hide behind during a gunbattle that hides your appearance. Think bushes or the sheet-metal of an automobile. “Cover”, however, while providing concealment, has the added benefit placement behind an object made of thick steel, masonry or concrete or things like an automobile engine block which may have the capacity to stop a bullet. For your edification and instruction, let the sculpture show begin.

**No real firearms were used, only brightly colored water pistols obtained from “Dollar Tree”. I am wearing Purple which is not associated with any local “social clubs.” Some sculptures only provide cover from certain angles, so you need to be aware of the direction of attack. Be safe, my friends!**

Todd Paris Seeks Cover:

Todd Paris Behind the “Portal”:

Todd Paris Hides Behind the “Hornet”

Cat Statue Protection:

Todd Paris at the Water Plant:

Todd Paris at the Police Lot:

Christan Reid Offers Protection:

Todd Paris at Spiral II:

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