“Slide the City Salisbury 2016” CANCELLED! Hailed as the Single Most Devastating Cancellation Since Flint, Michigan Cancelled in 2015

Posted on June 29, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Sadly “Slide the City Salisbury 2016 AKA “Slide the Other Side” was canceled yesterday. Tuesday’s cancellation was hailed by “Slide the City” watchers as the single most devastating cancellation since Flint, Michigan crossed out their “Slide the City” event back in 2015. (Thank goodness because soon afterwards the state cover-up of the heavily toxic Flint water supply was exposed)


Posted on Downtown Salisbury Inc.’s Facebook page yesterday:

“Hi Everyone! We are so sad to report that Slide the City has cancelled the event downtown this year. If you bought a ticket, you will be contacted directly by Slide the City and receive information about reimbursing your ticket.”

Why was “Slide the City” event cancelled?  Likely poor ticket sales.  Many recall last year’s “walk the city” slide lacking in water pressure at the outset and extremely low attendance.  This year’s slide change looked dangerous due the steep incline going down North Main.  Likely hurting ticket sales too was Salisbury’s reputation as the 9th ranked Most Dangerous N.C. City and the area’s rising gang violence.  With our understaffed city police already spread thin, it might court disaster to have a police presence at “Slide the City”.

We feel badly for all those Salisbury attorneys planning to position themselves at the Novant Rowan Regional Medical Center E.R. for head trauma and spinal cord cases from the “Death Ride Down the Other Side.” Guys you’ll have lots of other opportunities presenting themselves in the Bury.

Good luck to those unfortunates counting on a ticket refund.


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