SHOOTING into an OCCUPIED Dwelling on South Church Street in Salisbury on Monday Evening

Posted on June 28, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Whether it’s Bagdhad or Salisbury, it doesn’t much matter if your house was specifically targeted for bullets or your house got chewed up by a crossfire.  If your family hugged the floor to keep from being killed they often won’t feel safe in that house for days or weeks later.  Being shot at makes people edgy.  Safety is a very important issue for most human beings.  A lack of safety often causes folks with the economic means to move away.  Who wants to avoid their windows and move to a more central location in their home so they can wake up tomorrow?

At approximately 7:28 p.m. Linda Ann Rogozinski, 54, living at 816 S. Church in Salisbury must’ve experienced a surge of adrenalin when a slug struck a window in her home.  Too many people across the city are experiencing what it’s like to live in a house struck by bullets or hear gunshots and the sound of sirens racing through their community.

816 S. Church Street in Salisbury:


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