All the LAWS in the World Can Not Prevent Someone from Running Amok and Killing Lots of People

Posted on June 15, 2016

Todd Paris, RFP Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ How would you feel if every time some idiot got drunk behind the wheel and mowed down a group of people, the Democratic Party and mainstream media started calling for banning automobiles. What if sports cars or two door coupes were found to be the most likely used vehicles in DWI cases? Does anyone really need an automobile that will exceed the speed limit? The highest speed limit in the US that I know of is 80 MPH. We have the technology to make sure cars can’t exceed 80 mph with computer chips. Why aren’t we doing it? What about cars like the V-6 Mustang with racing stripes that just looks like a race car but are really no faster than a Ford Fusion Sedan. Doesn’t its race car-like appearance encourage people to drive too fast?

What about that disgruntled student at UNC a few years ago that mowed folks down on “the quad” with his 4X4 vehicle? Do we really need vehicles that can jump a curb? Texting and driving kills, but do we have the technology to make cell phones inoperable inside a vehicle?

What about the Boston Marathon? Does anyone really need a 12 qt. pressure cooker? The average family is now down to 1.5 kids? If we restrict folks to 4 qt. pressure cookers would it reduce the harm from “high capacity” pressure cooker bombs? If you have a big family just use two or more of the smaller ones and reload with food between them! Oh, and lets register pressure cookers with serial numbers all over them so we can trace exploded ones back to the owner who turned it into a bomb. Make it illegal to sell a new or used pressure cooker without registering it in a new multi-billion dollar “Office of Pressure Cooker Registry”.  If it saves one precious life it’s worth it!

All the laws in the world can not prevent someone from running amok and killing people. If there are no firearms, improvised explosives (instructions on the Internet), Molotov cocktails, flame throwers, homebrew nerve gas, automobiles, knifes and swords will do, particularly if the “perp” plans on dying during the act anyway.  Banning assault weapons that “spray” bullets which is a much more ineffective way of offing large numbers of human beings than semi-automatic weapons wherein the shooter more accurately points and clicks.

Let’s Ban Kool-Aid:

While we are at it, why not shut down the Internet? It has adult porn that objectifies women, kiddie porn, and instructions for creating explosives and other dangerous things on it! It might saves one life! Think of the children!

The “Nanny State” government will not work here and the extreme right’s response would likely leave this nation in civil war or a smoldering ruin that would make Syria look like Disney World closed for winter renovation.

Todd Paris:

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