Lyniece Chauntay, a Livingstone College Employee, Robbed at Gunpoint Wednesday on the 800 Block of Old Plank Road in Salisbury

Posted on June 11, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Lyniece Chauntay, 27, a Livingstone College Employee who lives on Farm Pond Lane in Charlotte, was robbed at gunpoint by a young black male on the 800 block of Old Plank Road, between W. Thomas Street and South Craig Street. at around 4 p.m.  The robber, an acquaintance of Chauntay’s, allegedly held a pistol on the young woman and demanded she turn loose her wallet and cell phone.  Altogether the gunman helped himself to a Samsung cellphone valued at $800, a wallet, a credit card, a social security card, and $340 in paper currency.

The 800 Block of Old Plank Road in Salisbury, N.C.

800 Block Old Plank Road

No one was hurt that evening. At this point no suspects were named and no one has been arrested. The investigation continues.

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