Ceremony on Saturday Honoring the Late Fred M. Evans by Renaming the Pool at Lincoln Park in his Honor

Posted on May 29, 2016

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

♦ The Salisbury Parks & Recreation Department hosted a great ceremony earlier today honoring the late Fred M. Evans by renaming the pool at Lincoln Park in his honor.

His wife, Raemi, children, Fredrick (Yvette) and Janine, and their children were all on hand for this honor. Mayor Karen Alexander drafted a proclamation letter that I read in her absence. City Manager Lane Bailey also attended.

Salisbury City Councilman Reads a Proclamation Letter from Mayor Karen Alexander Honoring the Late Fred M. Evans:

Several of the lifeguards who trained under Mr. Evans returned from in and out of State and shared heartwarming remarks and memories of working under him.

His daughter, Janine Evans, spoke on behalf of the family thanking the capacity crowd in attendance for their love and support. She urged the crowd to continue “guarding the lives of the young people on the City.”

His son, Fredrick, addressed the filled area and implored the people to honor his father by going out into the community and taking back control. He touched on the elevated crime levels in the City and challenged the crowd to do a better job of caring for the elderly. He spoke of how he had to share his father with so many other young people growing up, so not to give up on them.

Dr. Windsor Eagle spoke of how Mr. Evans helped him transition into his role as a new principal over 30 years ago. He also shared how instrumental Mr. Evans was in easing tensions during the integration of Price and Boyden High Schools.

After all the remarks concluded, everyone went outside to watch the unveiling of the new name at the pool’s entrance and a book exchange box at the curbside.

This was a special event and I was proud to have a visible role in it today.

The Fred M. Evans Pool:

The Evans Family after the Unveiling of the New Name:

Janine Evans Speaking on Behalf of Her Family:

The Evans Family:

Unveiling the Curbside Book Case Box:

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