Good News for Struggling Parents and Seniors: CHARTER, Who Bought Out TWC, Will be Offering Bargain High-Speed Internet

Posted on May 21, 2016

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ We know many Rowan-Salisbury School System parents are perplexed by their children coming home with Superintendent Lynn Moody’s new Apple I-Pads or Apple Mac Air laptops with homework that must be done only on the internet. If you as a parent, have stuck in a low paying job or are unemployed or underemployed how you do afford to have internet at home? Are you too busy working subsistence second and third shift jobs to drive your kids all the way into Salisbury to McDonald’s for free Wi-Fi or (get carjacked in the lot?).

Help may be coming from an unlikely source.  Charter (Now America’s 2nd largest cable providers) has recently been cleared to buy Time-Warner Cable and as part of the deal, has agreed to offer 30 Mbps of broadband for $14.99 per month for low income users. Applicants must prove they qualify for the National School Lunch program. At last check, that was about half the county. Also note that seniors over 65 and who qualify for Social Security are eligible as well!

Here’s the link to the Charter’s 14.99 bargain high-speed internet (Hey you can watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu with no buffering at 30 Mbps)

Todd Paris says: “Our kids deserve better and so do our seniors. Thank you CHARTER!”


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