Scuffling Over Money in Salisbury, Father Allegedly Chokes Daughter and Daughter Allegedly Cuts Daddy with a Kitchen Knife Thursday

Posted on May 20, 2016

RFP Staff

♦  At least nobody got shot Thursday in tank town Salisbury.  At the nearest level of violence was the Salisbury police report that Steven Jay Goodman, 63, of 900 Fairmount Avenue, Salisbury and his daughter Monica Goodman Grubb, 30, listed at the same address, got into a scrap over money likely the number one cause of all domestic disputes.  The argument, based on $3 dollars that the father refused to fork over, allegedly escalated into Mr. Goodman choking his daughter and Mrs. Grubb allegedly nicking her father’s hand with a kitchen knife.

According to police sources Mr. Goodman walked away from the argument and disappeared into his bedroom.  The daughter allegedly followed him to the bedroom door and hammered on it.  When Mr. Goodman finally answered, he allegedly grabbed his daughter by the neck and shoved her away.

In a typical domestic dispute “he said–she said” the two contestants disagreed over what occurred.  Goodman maintains he did not choke his daughter and Mrs. Grubb disputes his claim.

After the bedroom confrontation, Mrs. Grubb allegedly grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and sliced her father on his hand.  The incident was said to have happened with Grubb’s two children in the house as well as Sandra Goodman, 62.

Steven Goodman was charged with assault (misdemeanor) and was issued a written promise to appear in court on June 1st.

Mrs. Grubb was charged with assault with a deadly weapon or assault inflicting serious injury (misdemeanor).  Under a secured bond of $1,000, Mrs. Grubb was detained in the Rowan County Detention Center and later released on bail.

Life is short.  Scrapping over $3 bucks ain’t worth it.  Wonder what the two contestants will think about this incident 5 years from now when they look back at it.

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