King of the Salisbury, N.C. Panhandlers and Ex-Chief Collins’s Step-Brother, Tony Rippey Busted as Absconder on South Jackson

Posted on May 2, 2016

RFP Staff

“Ma’m you got 33 cents–that’s all I need to get gas in my tank to get back to China Grove.” Tony Rippey, the King of Salisbury Panhandlers and Ex-Chief Rory Collins’s DNA half-Brother

Bad luck and trouble, through no fault of his own, crossed the trail Wednesday of Tony Michael Rippey, when the Salisbury Police picked up Mr. Rippey, 51, on 107 S. Jackson near West Innes on a probation violation allegedly for failing to report an address change to the probation department.

Rippey is frequently observed panhandling along Main Street in Salisbury and in the Tinseltown shopping area where he sizes marks for his standard tale of being Chief Rory Collins’s “brother” and needing “gas money” to get back home. He also “works” Salisbury’s Fulton Heights area allegedly doing “lawn work”. People living in the area caution others never to pay him in advance.

Rippey, a noted outdoorsman and often described on the internet as a non-descript white male, has a lengthy history of crime in Rowan County and Texas. He allegedly has bragging rights to being the half-brother Rory Collins (Ex- Salisbury Police Chief, Ex-Housing Authority Security Guard, Police Department “Advisor”, Livingstone College “Grad” via life experience, and Salisbury Golden Parachutist)

Tony Michael Rippey’s Previous N.C. Record:

Chief Rory Collins’s Deposition:

Photographic Golden Memories with Tony Michael Rippey and his half-brother Ex-Police Chief Rory Collins:

Tony Michael Rippey’s Most Recent Mugshot:

Tony and the Ex-Chief in Better Days:

Tony Posing for Posterity:

The Oxy-Chief and his Wife being Honored Down at City Hall for his Service and his Statistical Abilities:

A Bad Night in the Lone Star State:

Once a Marine–Always a Marine:

In Better Days for the Visionary Ex-Police Chief who Singlehandedly Cleaned up the West End by Allegedly Shrinking Police Services:

More Fab-u-lous Tony Michael Rippey Mugshots:

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