Salisbury: Tips on Preventing Street Assaults

Posted on April 4, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Hardly a day goes by when one or several people, of all races, get viscously assaulted in Salisbury.  Whether its getting jacked up by a teenage wolf pack or being bagged by a lone criminal with a rock, brass knuckles, a hunting knife, a busted wine bottle, or a bareknuckle sneak em’ KO, the result is usually the same: a painful ride to the emergency room at Novant Rowan Regional Medical Center or maybe getting helicoptered out for emergency surgery to Winston-Salem.  That is a reality shown almost daily in blotters.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait all day for multiple stiches, getting stab wounds cauterized, having your orbital bones, around eye sockets, reset, or stopping your oral cavity from hemorrhaging after getting your teeth got kicked out.  Or worse, maybe you’ll take that ride to the local mortuary where your family will hopefully be able to identify you with something other than DNA.  Almost up there with house and vehicle break-ins are street assaults.

The chances of getting assaulted on the streets or even in the hallway of public building are extremely high in many cities if you fail to take very basic precautions.  Here are the best tips available for avoiding Street Assaults:

• Make it a strict habit to avoid areas of a city or town where human U-boats prowl. In Salisbury that’s much of the city at night.

• Remain alert and aware of surroundings.  Never go “high” out on the streets day or night because that will compromise your awareness.  If the human U-boats prowling the streets spot someone acting high–they become automatic prey.  A tap on the shoulder and then BAM!  If you come too later, your head will be swollen from being stomped, kicked, or bo-jo jumped (Your opponent draws their knees to their chest and comes down on your head with both heels.  Heads can be pancaked by a good Bo-Jo jump.)

• Avoid walking alone during late-night hours. Walk in groups. Don’t carry packages around at night.

• Let the people close to you know your destination and when you expect to arrive.

• No doubt the single best protection is a pistol with a concealed carry permit and the training that goes with it. We don’t advise going out in most urban areas without a concealed carry permit and a pistol with plenty of knockdown power.  Sorry, pepper spray and cursory martial arts training is almost certain to make someone an easy victim for a now infuriated street criminal wanting your “dust”.

• If you see someone coming across the street at night toward you, at that point its strictly survival of the fittest and warn them that you intend to bring them untold harm if they advance further.  If they attempt to violate your perimeter–two to the core, one to the head.  Avoid shooting them if they turn and flee.   Know the Castle Doctrine:

• If you happen to be unarmed, give them a loud warning.  If you are unarmed, draw them in and go mad dog on their neck arteries with your teeth.  Do not relent until they are motionless.  Assume they had bad intentions.  It’s either you or them and we’d hope you’d prefer you.  In the white light of survival adrenalin go for the game ender.

• Never carry a pocketbook at night.  That’s inviting a purse snatch.  Keep your cards, as few as possible, on your person.

• Avoid parking lots after nightfall and during holiday seasons.  Great place for an attack or a carjack.  ATMs at night are a must to avoid.

• Walk in well-lit areas.  Avoid alleys, lots, wooded areas, or secluded spots. Keep where traffic is present.

• Stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. Walk closest to the street.

• Avoid talking to strangers at night. Be blunt if they pester you–“no thanks” and walk on. If they backtrail you loudly warn them you’re armed. Get that pistol out and be prepared to use it.

• Avoid car rides with strangers. If they get out of their car and close on you–pistol time. Give them enough warning and then be prepared to close the show.

• Report any suspicious activity or individuals to 911. Before entering your vehicle, check out the front and back seats for unwanted passengers.

• When driving, always park in well-lit places and lock your doors.

• Start hollering if assaulted or harassed.

• Know your neighborhood. Have a cell phone on which you can call 911.

The Most Famous Portrait of a One-Punch Street KO from the U.K.:

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