Rowan County Woman Jamie Honeycutt Arrested for Allegedly Pulling a Gun on Two Duke Energy Employees Cutting off Her Electricity

Posted on March 30, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ **UPDATE: On Thursday July 28th in Rowan County Superior Court Jamie Michele Euart Honeycutt was ruled not guilty of the charge of assault by pointing a gun. Her firearm was returned to her.**

Monday afternoon a Rowan County Sheriff office Deputy was called to 4725 Mt. Hope Church Road on a report alleging that two Duke Energy Employees had a gun drawn on them by an irate woman living at that address.  The two Duke Energy Employees, Michael Buchannon and Devontae Keen, were acting on a shut off order for non payment.  The woman, Jamie Michelle Euart Honeycutt, 46, allegedly came screaming out of her house when the power went off in home and the lights went out.

Confronting the two employees, Honeycutt allegedly grew louder as Buchannon attempted to reason with her.  No go.

Honeycutt returned to house and soon emerged, allegedly menacing the two workers with .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol.

“You’re not going nowheres!” Honeycutt allegedly hollered.

Buchannon and Honeycutt had other ideas and quickly got back in their Duke Energy van and sped off.  They called 911.

A short time later a Rowan County Sheriff’s deputy pulled up to 4725 Mt. Hope Church Road where he allegedly found Honeycutt with the pistol still in her hand.

Honeycutt allegedly protested to the deputy that she didn’t know who the two men were or notice the vehicle until after she got their attention with the gun.

One of the Duke Employees pointed out that their Duke Vehicle was clearly marked.

Honeycutt was disarmed and arrested.  She was charged with assault by pointing a gun (misdemeanor).  Under a secured $500 bond, she was briefly detained at the Rowan County Detention Center in Salisbury and released on bail.


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