John Ashley Murdock’s Body Found on the 100 Block of Scottsdale Drive in Salisbury, N.C. Suspected Heroin Overdose

Posted on February 21, 2016

RFP Staff

**This article was Posted on February 21, 2016.**

♦ Sadly on February 16th the body of John Ashley Murdock was found on the 100 Block of Scottsdale Drive in an “open land area” in Salisbury, N.C. His death is suspected to be from a heroin overdose. As the heroin, meth, and crack epidemic ramps up in Salisbury and Rowan County more substance abusers are expiring from drug overdoses.

Murdock was convicted the week prior to his death of larceny from person (felony) and received probation on the 10th. His partner in crime Leffew plead out on December 14th.

The RFP reported Murdock’s knifepoint robbery caper back on November 2nd of 2015:

Murdocks’s Previous Record:

John Ashley Murdock:

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