Learn Knife Fighting Salisbury Style. Knives Rule the Roost in Salisbury N.C. in Hand-to-Hand Street and Bar Combat

Posted on November 23, 2015

RFP Staff

♦ Whether its panhandlers battling over a 40 Ouncer in the Wilco Hess lot on Salisbury’s East Innes or dude-man fighting for his woman’s rep in Rock Bottom’s parking lot, the knife is always SHOTZBURY’s top choice over a broken beer bottle, an ice pick, or brass knuckles.  Hands down.

Here are Three of the Best Fighting Knives Made. All Available from U.S. Made Blade in Salisbury, N.C. or Their Online Presence: http://usamadeblade.com/

Buck 119 Special:

Ka-Bar USA Fighter Knife:

Ka-Bar USA Fighter

Spartan Blades Harsey Difensa Black:


This budget knife (pictured below) is sold at the city’s leading “edge” tool n’ tarp retailer Harbor Freight:

Okay you don’t want to invest in a handgun with knockdown power.  Maybe you have a firearms phobia?  And pepper spray and karate doesn’t pull your wagon.  Perhaps you prefer the feel of cold steel takeout power.  You want a blade for breaking through ribs or you want a little somethin’ to disembowel some knucklehead with 8 inches of killing blade.

Harbor Freight has a little number for you.  $9.99 bargain blade supreme: H.F.’s Fifth Ace.  This little showstopper is made for street combat.  Sharpen it up with a H.F. hand sharpening tool and you can take trophy scalps during your victory lap up Long Street.  Harbor Freight Baby!

Don’t be another miscellaneous body found in the Bury.

Four Knife Fighting Classics:

Folsome Prison Knife Fighting Manual (Pdf):


Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting Techniques (pdf):


Knife Fighting Manual (PDF):


Sicillian Stiletto Fighting (Pdf):


State Knife Laws: Know What’s Legal/What’s Not Infographic:

State Knife Laws: Know What’s Legal and What’s Not [INFOGRAPHIC]

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