ALERT: Women Walking Alone in Salisbury, N.C.’s West Square Community Have Suffered Sexual Fondling/Indecent Exposure Attacks

Posted on November 1, 2015

RFP Staff/Community Alert

**This article was posted on November 1st 2015–Someone is reposting this article–It is old news.**

♦ ALERT: Women walking alone in Salisbury’s West Square Community (Fulton/Ellis/Horah Streets etc.) have reported several incidents involving indecent exposure and breast fondling.  The assaulter is described as a young African-American male in his late teens to very early twenties who stands approximately 5’6″–to 5’9″, is clean shaven, and wears a gray hoodie zipped fall jacket and gray pants. The first known incident occurred Wednesday afternoon to woman walking her dog along South Jackson Street. The suspect crossed the street and was headed toward the woman giving the appearance of a confrontation and scaring her. The woman told the suspect she had no money to which the young man allegedly said, “I don’t want no money–I want sex.” He quickly unzipped his pants and placed his hand inside the zipper. The woman, quite on edge, walked off quickly. Reports say she was not followed.

Within an hour or so of the first incident another woman, walking her dog, near Monroe and Marsh Street was approached by a young man fitting the same description of the suspect on South Jackson. This time the suspect grabbed at the woman’s breast and fondled it before walking quickly away.

The Salisbury Police Department are alerted and on the lookout for this individual may repeat this behavior again until apprehended.  If you see someone who fits this description crossing over to your side of the street or coming up fast on you do not be afraid to call out or employ pepper spray with a loud warning.  Always report any such incidents to 911 immediately.

If you know who the young man involved in these incidents call Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

Always be alert to your surroundings.

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