SNAKE ALERT for Salisbury, N.C. and Rowan County. Drought Brings Snakes Indoors in Search of Water

Posted on August 7, 2015

RFP Staff

**This article was published during the drought on August 7th 2015.**

SNAKE ALERT for Salisbury, N.C. and Rowan County.  Besides gardens, lawns, and “backyard farms” wilting in drought conditions, drought lures snakes indoors in search of water.

Be alert and aware. Snakes are most commonly drawn to crawlspaces, basements, beneath porches, backyard pool areas, standing water, septic tanks, and dripping garden hoses.

Salisbury and Rowan County contain their share of biting and venomous snakes including water moccasins (Eastern Water Moccasins) and copperheads capable of lethal bites.  Last week a woman made the TV news after being bitten by a deadly copperhead in her West Rowan yard.

Take special precautions when entering areas where snakes might be drawn indoors to water.  If bitten, call 911 or have someone drive you to the nearest hospital emergency room.  Snake bites, even if non venomous, cause puncture wounds susceptible to deep infection, tetanus infections, or in some instances may cause a severe allergic reaction.

Allergic Reactions and infections from Non Venomous Snake Bites:,P02849/

WEB MD–Snakebite Treatment:

Eastern Water Moccasin:


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