Public Schools Inside Salisbury, N.C. Grade Poorly on the State Education School Performance Assessments

Posted on February 6, 2015

RFP Staff/N.C. Board of Education

♦ On February 5th public schools within Salsibury, N.C.’s boundaries received poor grades from the State Education’s school performance assessments.  Like every other public school in North Carolina, Salisbury’s schools were assigned a letter grade from an A to F based on achievement and growth.  80% for achievement and 20% for growth.  Here are Salisbury’s grades for each school.  At the bottom of the page are the full grades for all of the Schools within the Rowan-Salisbury School System provided N.C. Board of Education in Raleigh.  The County schools academically outperformed the schools within the city of Salisbury.

The Salisbury Public Schools:

Henderson Independent High School N/A

Salisbury High School C

Knox Middle School D

Southeast Middle School D

Hanford-Dole Elementary D

Hurley Elementary D

Isenburg Elementary D

Knollwood Elementary D

Koontz Elementary D

**Not included was Rowan County Early College because the program accepts youngsters from both the County and Salisbury.

The State Education’s graded school performance assessments for each Rowan-Salisbury School System school here in spread sheet form.  Use the +Plus sign in the box to make PDF. larger and easier to read:



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