Updated: Outrun the Salisbury, N.C. Housing Stampede. Sell Your House FAST!

Posted on November 12, 2014

RFP Staff

♦ With thousands of homes on the market in Salisbury, N.C., a tsunami of vacant and abandoned houses, foreclosures on sheriff sale–unloading a house in Salisbury, N.C. is rough go in the overstocked housing market as more and more folks seek greener pastures elsewhere.  On the positive side Salisbury is a buyer’s market where falling housing prices spell houses can be bought on the cheap.  Salisbury is ideal for adventurous urban homesteaders and apparently for squatting.

If you have little income or depend on entitlements, Salisbury is the “place”. Salisbury, is among the state leaders in low income public housing and Section 8 dwellings. Of the new housing being built in Salisbury, low income housing is the dominant species. The city of Salisbury government is voracious in seeking grants for low income housing.

Real Estate databases show thousands of homes on the market and long waits to sell (Over a year and a half to two years according to various sources).

Here’s just one database showing over a thousand houses up for grabs:


Salisbury is rapidly timing out as a livable community due to lack of jobs, high violent and property crime, poor performing city schools, understaffed police and fire departments, soaring 25% poverty and few answers forthcoming from Salisbury’s dwindling power structure other than to deny the world is caving in big in the “Bury”. The vultures are circling lower and lower.  Urban flight gains momentum despite the denial by those who want to keep up pretense in the face of the outbound stampede.


Tips for Selling Your House Fast:

1. Always have an easy-to-read and large for sale sign planted in your yard–have two if possible. Do not let some realtors dissuade you from using “for sale signs”. This practice is said to be used in the city’s historic district by real estate agencies concerned about image and noting that families are booking outbound passage. You will be handcuffing your ability to sell. And don’t use signs like: “Sell for Cash!” or “Best Offer–Move in Today!”

2. Advertise your house anywhere you can–Ebay/Craig’s List/peddler’s tabloids/laundramats/. Use your creativity.

3. Use word of mouth.

4. Be prepared to go with a starting low ball price. You are in competition with thousands of homes.

5. Fix and paint your house so it looks its best.

6. Make it look like a home. Rent furniture if need be.

7. Never leave your house looking like a pig sty–it leaves a bad impression. Don’t leave your prescription meds in plain sight or a chopper parked on your porch.

8. If someone asks why you are leaving avoid negatives like “the Bury is about to belly up” or “I’m tired of getting my back door kicked in.” Better to say: “We’re transferring.” “We won power ball and bought our dream.” “Want to be closer to the San Andreas Fault.”

9. Avoid moves that might get you in leg irons. Say a loud NO to arson.

10. Great tips on Showcasing Your Home for sale:


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