Videos: Salisbury’s Main Street: Ghost Town, USA

Posted on September 15, 2013

RFP Staff

♦ Salisbury’s Main Street offers a vibrant cornucopia of urban decay, vacancies, junktique, bric-a-brac, violent crime, consignment shopping, and well not many people.  Since April 2012 when the following videos and photographs were shot numerous stores and restaurants closed their doors and boarded up or brown papered their windows.

Our collective heart grows numb at the thought so many great “unique” establishments like Foremz, Gray Shores, Penny Pinchers (Loved their belt buckles easily convertible to brass knuckles) and countless others sailing down the tubes for a lack of human traffic, and heady Municipal Service District taxes.  If only the Central Office was constructed at 329 S. Main on a quagmire of soggy contaminated infill, our fabulous Main Street would easily become the 9th Wonder of the World.  And if the Empire bat habitat was resurrected?  But alas a greater mind oversees the ecology of cities and Downtowns.

Enjoy vibrant Main Street Salisbury in this early 2012 video and note how many stores and restaurants disappeared from our landscape.

March 2012:

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